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Harrison Cady

10 August 2003 Harrison Cady

Harrison Cady 1877-1970

In 1905, Harrison Cady began as a cartoonist with the Philadelphia Press, but was already recognized as an illustrator with works published in the Ladies Home Journal and the Saturday Evening Post. Although best known for his collaboration with Thornton Burgess as the illustrator for the Old Mother West Wind books with the characters of Peter Rabbit, Freddy Fox and Paddy the Beaver, the stories were first introduced with George Kerr as the illustrator. The Burgess Bedtime Stories appeared daily in the New York Herald-Tribune from 1911-1960 with Cady's illustrations. Cady began his long career as an apprentice to a local artist, Parker Perkins in Gardner, Massachussetts.

In 1920, the New York Herald-Tribune began a Sunday full-page color cartoon feature, Peter Rabbit based loosely on the Burgess' character, Peter with Cady in charge. Cady's Peter soon migrated out of the crooked lane from the Smiling Pool in the Green Meadows to become a surburbanite wabbit in Carrotville, complete with house, car, clothes, wife and kids. He voted Republican as a political rabbit and took on regular surburbanite social habits such as baseball, golf and hockey and faced surburban problems whereas the Burgess' Peter remained behind in the bushes, learning the facts of life about the birds, bees and beavers. The two characters used the same name, but were rather different, possibly leading young readers to think that Peter was extremely schizophrenic. Not only that, but the surburbanite's kiddies, were also named after their father... possibly establishing the model for the Michael Jackson series. Cady's Peter became nationally syndicated through the Tribune and was imitated by later cartoonists, including the Berenstein bears and probably influencing Richard Scarry's illustrations of children's books. The first page appeared on 15 August 1914, and the last page Cady contributed to the Sunday feature was on 15 July 1948 when he was 78. He continued to collaborate with Burgess until 1960. The New York Herald-Tribune proofs number in the thousands and are among the Cady Archives. Collections of his work are exhibited with the Library of Congress, Smithsonian and the Archives of American Art.

A successful artist and illustrator, Cady's works were published in Life, Ladies Home Journal. Good Housekeeping, St Nicholas, Country Gentleman and the Saturday Evening Post.

Because children's books, particularly Burgess' stories, were written with the illustrator an intrinsic factor, links are provided below for illustrations, biography and books.

As you well know, rabbits propagate : clones of Burgess, Cady and Potter are further down the page.

Smithsonian Exhibit : W Harrison Cady

Cady Tech : W. Harrison Cady papers from the Smithsonian Archives
a mirror site of the Smithsonian Exhibit

Harrison Cady
short bio with a good bw illus

AlephBet bio Harrison Cady
the exhibition that was included with Burgess

Art Net Picture Gallery
four pages of thumbnails

Lepore Art Gallery W Harrison Cady
duplicate images of Art net. Thumbnails on a single page

Toonopedia: w Harrison Cady

bio with links and illustrations of work

Harrison Cady
two pics

A Great Joke on Jimmy Skunk
online scan of book by Thornton Burgess and W. Harrison Cady

Children's Books Library
books in zip format

Grandfather Frog Stays in Smiling Pond by Thornton Burgess, illus Harrison Cady
Eggers 1914 with the color illustrations
right click wheelbarrow at bottom for zip download

A Great Joke on Jimmy Skunk by Thornton Burgess, illus Harrison Cady
Eggers 1914, 1922 color illus
right click the wagon on bottom for zip download

Holiday Time on Butternut Hill

Whitman 1929 right click wagon on bottom for zip download

Ask Art: Harrison Cady

Subscription site for art auctions: a bio, links for illustrations and buyer's guide, bibliopgraphy



Peter Rabbit illus Virginia Albert
McLoughlin Brothers 1918
zip format right click at bottom of page

Peter Rabbit and Jimmy Chipmunk, illus Virginia Albert
right click wagon for zip download

Peter Rabbit and His Pa by Louise A Field, illus Virginia Albert
Saalfield 1916

Peter Rabbit and Sammy Squirrel by Louise A Fiel;d, illus Virginia Albert
Saalfield 1918
right click wagon for zip ownload

Peter Goes to School by Louise A Field, illus Virginia Albert
Saalfield 1917

Mrs Bunnykins Busy Day by Allan Wright, illus Allan Wright and Earnest Vatsch
1925 color illus zip download

Beatrix Potter


Beatrix Potter: Adventures of Jeremy Fisher
illus right click wagon at bottom of page for zip

Beatrix Potter Tale of Peter Rabbit, illus Virginia Albert
Saalfield Publ 1916 clone
illus right click the wagon at bottom of page for zip

Beatrix Potter, Tale of Squirrel Nutkin
Fred Warne 1903 color illus


5 August 2003 Thornton Burgess and the Yankee Rabbit

28 July 2003 Those Wascally Wabbits

14 March Beatrix Potter:A Childhood Friend


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